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A full body workout in the water that exercises the muscles of your body with low impact on your joints – an exercise regime that really promotes fitness and weight loss!

Whatever program you join - aqua walking, jogging or aqua training with weights, you will benefit from the training effect of the additional water resistance that you need to overcome.

Aqua fitness helps you to enhance your stamina, muscle strength and your cardiovascular system in a smooth and effective way.


Healthy habits are the key to refill your very own 'Fountain of Youth".

Working out regularly prevents many diseases and brings fun once you have found the right type of exercise for you.

With us you can try out different activities under professional guidance and discover the joys of a positive body image. We are not only offering a well-equipped fitness studio and daily changing fitness classes, but also a professional team of trainers available for personal sessions.

Apropos ...

  • Pampering Services +

    Pampering Services Service included for Parkhotel guests:
    e.g. „Quellness-Total“ on more than 3600 sqm/38750 sq ft including fitness room, beauty lounge, health center and medical practice ... u.v.m. Read More
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